Protecting Your Deck Throughout the Winter

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Shawn Kenyon

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To ensure that your deck is ready for the summer, you need to do all that you can to protect it during the harsh cold and heavy snows. The last thing that you want is to step outside and find that you need to make repairs or other fixes to an otherwise amazing outdoor space. But by knowing proper winter deck protection, you will have nothing to worry about when the days get longer and the sun shines brighter.

Before the first snowflake falls, the first step to winter deck protection is to clean your deck thoroughly. This means scrapping any remnants left over from summer barbecues or weekend gatherings. Exposure can cause discoloration of your deck, and excess levels of moisture could lead to mold, mildew or moss. 

Using a bleach-free cleaner and your garden hose can loosen and lift the dirt right off the deck. If your deck is showing its age, strip any faded or deteriorating finish, and then apply a water-repellent sealer.

A clean deck will only get you so far, and there are other preventative measures to follow to keep your deck looking at its best. You will recognize when deck season is ending, and you will want to make sure that not only is the deck ready for winter, but everything else on the deck is equally prepared. 

Outdoor furniture is just as susceptible to the harshness of winter, so tables and chairs also need to be cleaned and then stored indoors, if possible. When storage is not an option, protect your furniture with covers or tarps. Planters and pots should also be removed and stored. This is not only good for the players themselves, but you eliminate the potential conditions that could trap moisture and lead to mildew, discoloration or decay.

During your seasonal preparation, you should also take the time to inspect your deck for any damage that occurred during the previous year. Look at the deck boards, the railings, and the supports, and do the repair work before the winter conditions can make the problems worse.

Last, as winter lays down inches and inches of snow, keep your deck in mind and routinely clear off the snow to prevent and minimize the chance of damage. If you are using a shovel, push snow with the planks instead of against them to prevent scratches in the wood.

Your deck should not be on your mind during only the summer, but in all seasons to help keep it in its best shape possible. With regular maintenance during the fall, winter and spring, you can keep that deck looking great while also ensuring that the structure remains safe and sound.

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