About Shawn Kenyon

About Shawn Kenyon

Who is Shawn Kenyon?

Shawn Kenyon is the founder and owner of Precision Decks & Patios LLC, a company renowned for its craftsmanship in creating outdoor living spaces. With an eye for detail and a dedication to quality, Shawn has established a reputation for delivering exceptional deck and patio designs that cater to the lifestyles of his clients.

Alongside his wife, Naomi Nowland-Kenyon, Shawn redeveloped beachfront property on Lake Michigan in Ludington, Michigan. Their vision for this property was to create a space that celebrated the outdoors, resulting in a two-story structure that features outdoor hot tubs, expansive decks with fireplaces, and bar-countertop railings designed to foster multi-generational social gatherings.

In addition to the beachfront property, Shawn and Naomi own another beach rental in the area, which can accommodate up to 20 guests. This venture taps into the growing demand for vacation rentals suitable for larger groups and multi-generational families, a niche market they have successfully tapped into.

At the heart of Shawn’s business philosophy is a strong belief in the power of teamwork. He attributes the success of Precision Decks & Patios LLC to his passionate team, whose expertise and commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind the company’s achievements.

Shawn Kenyon, hailing from Rockford, along with his partner in both life and business, Naomi, continues to innovate and excel in the industry, providing high-quality, custom outdoor living solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of homes.

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