Patios and Pavers Trends 2024: Patterns and Perfect Outdoor Spaces

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Shawn Kenyon

Shawn Kenyon is an innovative deck and patio designer and builder who seeks to enhance the outdoor living environments of his clients. Shawn practices what he preaches, as he builds exquisite decks and patios on his properties.

The concept of outdoor living and landscape design is ever-changing. In recent years, patios have transformed from basic concrete slabs accompanied by simple card tables and chairs to elaborate designs featuring intricate pavers, elegant patterns, inviting fire features, and sheltered areas.

This shift highlights a focus on crafting aesthetically pleasing patterns and designing outdoor spaces that integrate harmoniously with their natural surroundings.

Today’s trend leans towards contemporary paver designs that embrace a variety of shapes, incorporate natural stones, and utilize contrasting colors. Alongside this, there’s a growing preference for patios that offer multifunctionality, adapting to different uses and occasions.

1. Porch and Patio with Brick Pavers

Photo of a covered patio with brick pavers with a dining table and chairs and a pool.

Crafting an enchanting outdoor area starts with a dream, often leading to the choice of a hospitable porch and patio adorned with brick pavers.

Merging a covered porch with a patio creates an ideal haven for hosting gatherings or savoring peaceful nights under the starry sky.

The enduring nature of brick pavers, coupled with their classic charm, makes them a favored choice. Select from a range of earthy tones that beautifully match your home’s exterior.

To elevate the allure of your porch and patio, consider integrating elements like a cozy fireplace or a functional outdoor kitchen, making your outdoor space visually appealing and more functional.

2. Patio and Raised Deck in Natural Wood

Photo of an elevated wooden deck and wooden patio.

The evolving landscape of custom deck construction often leans towards composite materials for their durability and low maintenance. Yet, for many, the timeless appeal of natural wood is unmatched, echoing the beauty of nature.

This enduring preference keeps the combination of wood patios and decks in demand, particularly when they harmonize with a home’s wooden siding.

Concrete patios have long been a staple, reliably serving many families. But there’s a unique charm in a wooden patio, with planks stained to your preferred hue, drawing you into a more natural, earthy ambiance.

For those considering a raised deck and patio, the possibilities for use are expansive. Think of incorporating features like a cozy fire pit, creating an outdoor “living room” and “dining room” areas, or even an open-air kitchen, turning your outdoor space into a versatile extension of your home.

3. Patio, Deck, and Hot Tub

Photo of a stone paver patio with a hot tub and composite deck leading up to house.

Imagine the bliss of leaving the day’s worries behind as you sink into the soothing waters of a hot tub, letting the warmth dissolve any lingering stress. More and more, homeowners looking into patios, pavers, and decks are incorporating hot tubs into their plans.

Hot tubs provide an ideal fusion of relaxation and conviviality, creating a welcoming hub for friends and family under the sky, be it day or night. They offer consistent comfort, whether it’s a breezy evening or a brisk autumn afternoon, turning any outdoor area into a luxurious, all-season sanctuary.

In designing a space that includes a patio, deck, and hot tub, consider the practical elegance of permeable pavers surrounding the tub, coupled with composite decking materials. This choice not only enhances comfort, preventing splinters compared to traditional wood, but also ensures longevity by resisting moisture damage common in natural lumber.

4. Underdeck Patio with Flagstone Pavers

Photo of elevated deck with stairs, and a patio made of Flagstone pavers.

Many of our clients initially consider using the space beneath their deck for simple storage. While practical, there’s an opportunity for so much more. Transform this area into a vibrant underdeck patio, choosing from materials like concrete, natural stone, or the striking Flagstone pavers.

We favor Flagstone for its beautiful tri-color blends, offering an aesthetically pleasing complement to your home’s style.

By extending a paver patio under an elevated deck, homeowners not only gain additional space for gatherings or dining but also enjoy the added benefit of rain protection, making the most of their outdoor area in various weather conditions.

5. Curved Patio Pavers with Built-In Seating and Fire Pit

Photo of an elevated deck with steps leading down to a curved paver patio with a built-in curved seating area.

After a long week, imagine retreating to your own backyard oasis on a Friday evening. Picture yourself lounging on a smoothly curved, stone bench, integrated seamlessly into your patio’s design. As night falls, you’re captivated by the dance of lively orange flames in the fire pit in front of you, all under a starlit sky.

This curved bench, crafted from stone as your patio, offers the perfect escape, a place where you can immerse yourself in the tranquil play of firelights.

Opting for a curved patio, laid with intricately patterned pavers, transforms your outdoor space into a welcoming and cozy haven, distinct from the typical straight lines of conventional rectangular patios.

6. Pavers and Pools

Photo of a pool with stone pavers.

Pavers are an excellent choice for a pool deck due to their durability and ease of maintenance. Unlike traditional concrete slabs that may crack over time, pavers can withstand the contraction and expansion caused by temperature fluctuations, thus maintaining their pristine appearance for years. Additionally, their interlocking design allows for water to drain away quickly, minimizing the risk of pooling and making the area safer and more comfortable for bare feet.

The arrangement of pavers also presents an opportunity to integrate creative patterns and designs, adding an element of customization to the pool area. In the image, the pavers are laid in a consistent, orderly pattern, but the inclusion of a dark stone border adds a touch of sophistication.

7. Patio Pavers with Fire Pit

Photo of a curved patio with natural stone pavers and a stone fire pit situated in the center.

Transform your backyard into an area to chill and lounge with a curved patio using natural stone pavers and adding a fire feature, like a fire pit.

 Using pavers for this type of patio has many advantages. Firstly, they come in various colors, textures, and sizes, allowing homeowners to customize the look to match their home’s aesthetic. The subtle variations in color of the pavers provide a natural, earthy feel, while the random pattern installation adds a touch of uniqueness to the space.

The fire pit, constructed of complementary stone, stands as a centerpiece, promising warmth and a welcoming ambiance. It’s not just a visually attractive addition; it extends the usability of the patio into the cooler evenings and into seasons when the weather might otherwise deter outdoor activities.

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