Attached vs. Detached Decks

A bird's eye view of a floating deck and a mamasan chair.

Designing your ideal outdoor space involves taking your yard into account. Attaching a deck to your home allows you to step outside and stand on a convenient addition. However, not all yards or homes make this type of construction possible, which means installing a detached deck, also known as a floating deck, the likeliest choice.

Typically, when you think of a deck, it is attached to the house. The simplicity and convenience of an attached deck are hard to beat, and it provides easy and fast access for your family. If you are fortunate, and your home allows, you can weigh the differences between an attached deck vs. a floating deck. But some homes and homeowners may not make an attached deck their first choice, if they have a choice at all.

Perhaps you have an older home with a beautiful masonry veneer, or you do not want to damage the siding by cutting into it and jeopardizing the weather shielding. Most times, the landscaping may either prevent you from attaching a deck, or the landscaping may present a wonderful opportunity to use it in a floating deck design.

A freestanding or floating deck can take advantage of certain landscapes to create a unique space that cannot be found anywhere else. For instance, a deck that surrounds a tree in the middle of the yard is nearly impossible to attach to the house. 

You may be concerned about the integrity of a deck that is floating or freestanding, but a detached deck is just as durable as an attached deck, as long as the right materials are used. What differentiates a freestanding deck and a floating deck is that a freestanding deck can still be placed next to the home, but does not use the home itself for its stability. This protection to the home’s structure and foundation is only one reason freestanding decks make a good option

Permits are usually not required when a deck is not attached to the house, and the self-supporting structure does not come with the challenges of fastening the deck to the home. A freestanding or floating deck can also be fully customizable, with your choice or materials, color, and other added features like lights. 

At Precision Decks, all of our projects bring the strength and durability that you would expect with a fresh addition. For more information on the differences between attached and detached decks, call Precision Decks today at 616-874-2300. As a premier remodeling company, it is our duty to provide the customer with their dream construction.

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