Don’t Let Pests Take Control of Your Outdoor Space

How do you protect you deck from insects? It should be an ongoing effort. A new composite deck built by Precision sits near a wooded area.

Whether you’ve had your deck for a long time or recently installed a new one and can’t wait to use it, pest control should be an ongoing effort for you and your family. You can do a few things to keep pests out of your deck space now and in the future.

Summer is exciting because of all the fun you have outside, but what if bugs have infested your deck during the offseason? It can easily turn into a sour experience.

How Do I Protect My Deck from Insects?

We have compiled a list of a few methods to avoid or control pest infestations.

Mow Your Yard

If your deck is near a grassy area, ensure the grass is always trimmed; this is especially important during the winter months. It’s possible you won’t use your deck throughout winter because precipitation could make your outdoor activities difficult. You should mow your lawns. The presence of tall grasses is conducive to the development of many pests. Pests like mosquitoes will gradually become accustomed to seeking refuge on your deck whenever there is bad weather. You must ensure they are eradicated if you want an enjoyable time.

Keep Your Deck Clean

A clean deck is a happy deck, guaranteeing a pleasant outdoor experience. Sugary crumbs and food remnants are highly appealing to bugs. After you’ve eaten on your deck, make sure you clean up properly. Remove all water and drink spills from your deck, especially if it is made of wood. Pests like termites and caterpillar ants are naturally drawn to wood, and their attraction increases when the wood is damp. While caterpillar ants dig for wood to build their nests, termites feed on wood, and moist wood simply aids them in their goal.

Rodents are likewise drawn to wood, especially when they can find food. If you don’t clean your deck, these rats will become accustomed to it and eventually reside there. It is also necessary to clean your deck regularly, even when not in use.

Use Repellents

When bugs come into contact with your deck, they become tangled in it. Most bugs dislike the smell of citronella. You can purchase citronella candles, place them around your deck, and keep them burning. The candles will also create a relaxing and calming ambiance.

The scent of citronella oil is discharged into the air as a gas. If you are concerned about fire safety, you can put citronella plants around your deck. You can also utilize rosemary, garlic, and marigold plants as aromatic plants.

You can also buy repellents, but make sure they contain at least one of the following active components beneficial for pest control: DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, and picaridin.

Hire a Professional

Call a professional when you’ve tried everything but still can’t get rid of the bugs, or you want to ensure a proper job is done to prevent pests from coming near your outdoor deck. Precision Decks, a renowned remodeling firm, considers it our responsibility to present you, the customer, with your dream construction. Call Precision Decks at 616-874-2300.

Pest-resistant materials are used to construct your deck and must be fumigated regularly.

You might not realize how dangerous pests can be. Not only will they prevent you from having fun outside, but they also pose health risks. Even while termites, caterpillar ants, carpenter bees, bats, and rats are the most common pests that cause damage to a deck, it is still advisable to protect it with a repellent. This repellant will also be effective against other pests. So, the best idea is to hire a professional, like Precision Decks, to do the job.

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