Creating a Deck Safe For Children and Pets Alike

Deck safety rails are vital when the intent is for chirldren to use it. A deck with a tunnel slide going from upper deck to lower area.

A safe and worry-free home is every parent’s dream. That safety should extend the four walls, though, which means making your deck a suitable place for both your children and your pets. Deck safety is really important for all family members and friends, but certain measures should be taken to guarantee that your little ones are protected.

Foremost, deck railings are a mandatory feature. Many codes require decks to have railings to comply, but even if your deck is only a foot off the ground, a railing is a smart idea for when children are around. Not only that, but the gaps between the balusters cannot be wider than 4 inches to prevent children or animals from getting stuck or falling off. 

Adding a gate is another excellent feature that adds safety. A gate will allow your kids and pets to roam around freely in the space without your worrying that they will wander away. Supervision is highly recommended whenever a small child is on a deck, and to keep him or her from being out there alone, you should keep the door that leads out to the deck locked.

Protection means preventing danger from all angles, and that includes the sun’s UV rays. Adding shade to your deck will help kids and pets keep cool, and will protect paws and bare feet from stepping on a deck that has been heated by the sun. Retractable awnings or an umbrella are just a couple of ways to add shade to the area.

The plants that you keep on and around your deck need to be just as safe as the plants in your home. Identifying non-toxic plants to have that will help in your decor, but also help keep your dog from getting sick if it ends up eating a harmful houseplant. 

We all enjoy a great summer meal cooked on the grill and want to experience it for the rest of the season. That means the placement of your grill needs to be not only away from the house, but also supervised when small creatures and kids are around. 

Last, one of the best ways to ensure safety for all, and not just your children and pets, is to stay on top of your regular deck maintenance. Proper upkeep and cleaning can not only keep your deck safe, but also extend its lifetime so future generations can enjoy it.

At Precision Decks, all of our projects bring the strength and durability that you would expect with a fresh addition. For more information on added deck safety, call Precision Decks today at 616-874-2300. As a premier remodeling company, it is our duty to provide the customer with their dream construction.

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